Hazard explains the truth about his negotiations with Chelsea and determines his future with Real Madrid

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Real Madrid star Eden Hazard revealed the fact that there were negotiations with his former club, Chelsea, to return to play in the Blues shirt again, setting a condition for his departure from the Meringue ranks.
“I was not close to returning to Chelsea at all, or leaving Real Madrid in general,” Hazard said, during his statements to the Spanish newspaper Marca.

He added, “Chelsea have never contacted me, and I have absolutely no idea why my name is always associated with a return to the Blues.”

“I will not leave Real Madrid in January, it is impossible,” he added.

However, he added, “But this can happen in the summer, provided that the club asks me to leave, and then I will accept the matter.”

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He concluded, “I am still focused on my work with Real Madrid, and I want to continue with the club’s shirt.”

Hazard went through a difficult period with Real Madrid, since joining the Meringue ranks in 2019, due to his many injuries, while he is linked to a contract until the summer of 2024.

According to several press reports, Real Madrid has run out of patience with the Belgian player, and will be disposed of at the earliest opportunity.

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