China: abolishes quarantine for those arriving from abroad

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China: abolishes quarantine for those arriving from abroad

On Monday, the Chinese health authorities announced the abolition of compulsory quarantine for those coming from outside the country, as of January 8.

The decision to lift the ban on those coming from abroad came after the authorities lifted, in early December, most of the restrictions that were imposed within the “zero corona” policy and applied since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.

And the Chinese National Health Commission said in a statement that, starting next January, “those coming to the country will only be required to show the result of a negative examination conducted less than 48 hours before they entered China,” according to the Associated Press.

She added that she no longer considered Corona “pneumonia” but rather a “contagious” disease.

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China was the only country that continued to impose quarantine on those coming to its territory, despite reducing that period last June, to 10 days, compared to 21 days previously.

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