Human rights defenders: Detainees in Iran are subjected to torture, sexual harassment and denial of health services

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The “Committee to Follow-up on the Status of Detainees” of the Iranian popular uprising reported that they were subjected to torture, sexual harassment and threats of rape, depriving injured detainees of medical services, and holding some in secret detention facilities.

This committee announced that it was able to register the names of more than 1,600 detainees, including 65 children.

Among these prisoners are 969 citizens, 393 students, 145 civil activists, 42 journalists, 40 political activists, 38 women’s rights activists, and 26 lawyers.

This committee announced that 9 of the detainees were accused of “enmity” and that a number of other detainees, including in the Kurdistan region, were also accused of “enmity” without announcing it.

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The Iranian Human Rights Organization also expressed its concern about the possible execution of some demonstrators who were arrested during the revolutionary uprising of the Iranian people against the regime of the Islamic Republic, and called on the international community to prevent this crime by responding in time.

The Detainees Follow-up Committee announced that many detainees were subjected to torture, the effects of which are still present days and weeks after their temporary release.

According to this committee, reports of sexual torture and threats of rape were reported to this committee, and some detainees were threatened with the arrest and harassment of their family members.

According to this report, one detainee said they forced her to undress and sit and stand naked in front of a policewoman in Ward 209 in Evin.

Another female prisoner was openly threatened with rape. The interrogators told her and the other detainees: “If you are raped here, you cannot protest! You are looking for nudity and you have to pay for it!”

One of those recently released from Tabriz prison announced that in the general and quarantine wing of this prison, some detainees of the recent protests are placed in the same place with other prisoners, without respecting the separation of crimes, and are sexually assaulted by these prisoners.

On October 5, Iran International reported that security forces had mistreated women arrested during the popular uprising in various ways, including stripping them naked in front of a surveillance camera during searches.

The Detainees Follow-up Committee also announced the arrest of Ramin Fathi in Sanandaj on October 13, and after 8 days his family was asked to come to identify his body.

According to this report, some of the wounded who were hit by dozens of bullets were left unattended and not sent to hospitals.

One of the detainees said that two of his colleagues in the prison had broken teeth and dislocated shoulders, and their condition was not taken care of.

According to reports, at least 14,000 people were arrested during the revolutionary uprising of the Iranian people.

For his part, the assistant chief of the Iranian judiciary for human rights, Kazem Gharibabadi, denied the arrest of 14,000 people during the revolutionary uprising of the Iranian people, but he did not provide statistics on the number of detainees.

He only said that “more than 90 percent of the detainees” had been released.

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