I saved them from drowning.. A Vietnamese ship delivers 154 Rohingya refugees to Myanmar

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I saved them from drowning.. A Vietnamese ship delivers 154 Rohingya refugees to Myanmar

A group of Rohingya refugees was rescued by a Vietnamese oil services vessel after their boat had drifted in Thailand’s Andaman Sea and handed them over to Myanmar’s military government, according to the Free Rohingya Alliance (a civilian organization).

A spokesman for Myanmar’s junta told the official VTCNews channel late Thursday that “154 people have been rescued from the boat,” without saying if they were Rohingya from Bangladesh who were reported to be in trouble earlier this week in the port. neighboring Thailand.

In this regard, an activist in the Free Rohingya Alliance told Anadolu Agency that “the Vietnamese ship Hai Dong 29 was on its way from Singapore to Myanmar when it spotted that the Rohingya boat was in trouble on Wednesday, 459 km south of the Myanmar coast.”

And the relatives of the victims received a message that the Vietnamese had rescued them.

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The boat was floating in Thai waters, according to the same source.

The human rights activist confirmed that “two ships belonging to the oil companies rescued the boat and handed over those on board to the Myanmar Navy.”

The activist expressed human rights concerns about the fate of Rohingya refugees, who were rescued from drowning, at the hands of Myanmar’s military junta.

For his part, a spokesman for the Thai Navy, Vice Admiral Pokrong Montavalin, said on Friday that “crews were sent to search for the boat in the Andaman Sea after receiving reports in this regard, but they did not find anything,” according to the American “Associated Press”.

On Thursday, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) called for the rescue of a group of Rohingya refugees stranded on a ship in the Andaman Sea after leaving Myanmar.

A statement issued by the UNHCR office in Geneva indicated that the ship was carrying about 200 refugees in the Andaman Sea on December 1.

The statement added that the ship’s engine failed after sailing, and the ship has been drifting due to waves since then.

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