Including Kim Jong Un, Gaddafi and Putin.. Oddities and antics of some world leaders

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Kim Jong-un
Away from politics and tension with the West, especially with the United States in the file of ballistic missiles and the nuclear program, North Korea has witnessed several decisions made by its leader Kim Jong-un since his succession to power in 2011, described by Western reports as strange, the man whom former US President Donald Trump described as the missile man. He replied that he was “mentally deranged”.

Among his strange decisions, he determined the hairstyles that distinguish married women from unmarried women, and set 28 haircuts for men, provided that the two hairs were shaved above the ears, and the length of the hair should not be more than 5 centimeters.

Among the controversial decisions, he issued on the tenth anniversary (last year) of the death of his father, Kim Jong Il, in December, a decree prohibiting citizens from laughing for 11 days as a period of mourning.

In North Korea, it is forbidden to use the name Kim Jong-un on newborns, in order to immortalize his name after him.

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Among the strict decisions that put the violator in prison or lead to execution:

Watching foreign films or listening to Western music.
And recently, the North Korean authorities issued decisions to execute dozens of citizens who watched series from its arch-rival South Korea, and series from the United States of America, while viewers of Indian films, for example, were punished with imprisonment.

International calls and calls.
Showing disloyalty like sleeping while the president is talking leads to execution.
An individual commits a crime that may lead to the imprisonment of his family, grandparents and children, in order to prevent escaping from prison, and there have been reports of more than 200,000 prison camps.
Since the laws do not allow citizens to leave the country, whoever tries to cross the border will be shot on the spot.
For tourists, someone is imposed on them by the authorities as a tour guide, and anyone who tries to bypass the tour group or talk to the locals will be thrown in jail.

Donald Trump
The book “Fire and Fury” by journalist Michael Wolff revealed aspects of the personality of former US President Donald Trump, including his going to his bedroom at 6:30 pm, and his love for eating “cheeseburgers”, as well as placing 3 TV screens in his room, and his constant obsession with Exposure to poisoning to the extent that he was ordered not to touch any clothing or object, especially his toothbrush, and even replaces his bed linen himself.

Among his statements that even angered countries, he described African countries, in addition to Haiti, as “sinks of dirty sewage”, in the context of talking about immigrants to the United States, and that he returns immigrants from Norway and not from “sewage sinks”, which angered the Botswana government.

One of Biden’s oddities is that he described his deputy, Kamala Harris, as the first lady (French)
Joe Biden
The latest controversial positions of US President Joe Biden, represented in his behavior in a strange way, during a lightning visit to the Puerto Rican archipelago in the Caribbean Sea in the United States, near the Dominican Republic.

And the video showed that Biden suddenly stopped while walking, and looked under his feet for a long time as if he had lost something, and then continued on his way.

Many clips of him were also taken, which showed that he was exposed to new embarrassing situations, including what happened during his approximately 40-minute speech to a crowd at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University in Greensboro, but he ended with a strange incident when the president turned to shake hands with the air on his right.

In an embarrassing incident that sparked a mockery of Biden’s statements, in which he described his deputy, Kamala Harris, as “the first lady”, before his wife, Jill Biden, intervened and whispered to him to correct the error.

Lyndon Johnson
The 36th president of the United States is considered one of the most bizarre presidents in American history, and one of his strange habits was to give him interviews in the bathroom, and presidential biographer Doris Kearns Goodwin describes this, saying, “He just didn’t want any conversation to stop, so if you were with him at Any place will not ask you to stop to go to the bathroom, but will enter the bathroom and say to you, “Come on, finish what you say.”
Vladimir Putin
As for Russian President Vladimir Putin, he does not wake up before 12 noon, according to the British newspaper “Daily Star”, and then eats his breakfast and swims before starting his work.

Putin, “obsessed with information”, begins his work in a wooden office – according to Western media – without computers for fear of any security leaks via the Internet.

And about his phone calls, he makes them via fixed phones for fear of being overheard.

Idi Amin
The personality of the late Ugandan President Idi Amin sparked widespread controversy during his rule between 1971 and 1979. He gave nearly 70,000 Asian residents 90 days to leave the country based on a vision he saw in a dream, in which he claimed that God inspired him to expel these people. As for the rest of them, they were deported from the cities to the villages.

It is rumored that Idi Amin ordered the invasion of Tanzania in October 1978 to cover up the killing of about 500,000 of his citizens at the hands of his regime and the severing of diplomatic relations by all countries with him, and at the same time as an attempt to cover up a mutiny in the army.

Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov
The President of the Republic of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov has asked state employees who are over the age of forty to dye their hair gray so that it becomes the same color as their gray hair.

In 2019, state institutions, schools and hospitals were forced to buy a new picture of Berdymukhamedov with gray hair, after graying crawled over his originally black hair.

Nicolae Ceausescu
On Christmas Day 1989, Romania’s president and the country’s last communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu, along with his wife Elena, were publicly executed by firing squad after nearly a quarter century in power.

The president was a megalomaniac, fond of giving himself nicknames like “leader” and “genius”, and by 1974 had set up a CEO and made himself a scepter like a king, according to All That Intersting.

Among some of his most outlandish works, Ceausescu destroyed 25 churches and 30,000 homes to build a palace for himself that took 700 architects at a cost of $10 billion, which later became the seat of the Roman Parliament, but less than half of the building was used for its massiveness.
Muammar Gaddafi
As for Libya, its late leader Muammar Gaddafi used to live most of his time in his spacious tent that he pitched in the desert of Sirte, or in the lobby of his various palaces, where he receives his great guests and holds conferences, and delivers hours-long speeches, spreading his wisdom, philosophy, insults and thoughts to the world.

Gaddafi’s ideas were and still cause widespread controversy in public opinion, especially the theory of the Jamahiriya, which he tried to explain as a system of government that is neither a monarchy nor a republic, but rather a system of rule by the masses themselves, stressing that it is neither a president nor a ruler, but rather the people who govern themselves through conferences. The people, which are the source of legislation, and the revolutionary committees, which are the executive body.

However, in the end, the matter ended with the disruption of all state agencies, and all the levers of power, wealth, influence and political thinking were in the hands of Gaddafi and a few members of his family and his cronies.

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