Iran carries out the first execution against protest detainees

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Iran carries out the first execution against protest detainees

On Thursday, Iran carried out its first death sentence against the detainees of the ongoing protests in the country.

According to the news agency “Mizan”, which is affiliated with the Iranian judiciary, that Tehran carried out the death sentence against Mohsen Shakari, who was accused of blocking the road and attacking a member of the security forces (the Revolutionary Guards) with a machete in the capital, Tehran.

The agency stated that the execution was carried out against the accused, Shkari, after his conviction by the Revolutionary Court, according to the Associated Press.

The Iranian agency stated that Shakari was arrested on September 25 and convicted on November 20 of the charge of “moharebeh”, which is usually punishable by death.

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Commenting on the execution, Mahmoud Amiri Moqaddam, director of the Oslo-based Iran Organization for Human Rights, said in a tweet: “The execution of Mohsen Shekari must be met with strong reactions, otherwise we will face daily executions of protesters.”

He added, “This execution must have prompt practical consequences at the international level.”

Earlier, the Iranian judiciary sentenced to death 5 out of 16 people who are on trial for the killing of a member associated with the Revolutionary Guards during the protests over the death of the young woman, Mahsa Amini.

Since last September 16, protests have continued across Iran following the death of Amini, 22, 3 days after she was arrested by the “morality police” concerned with monitoring women’s dress code.

The incident sparked widespread public anger in the political and media circles in Iran, amid conflicting accounts of the causes of death.

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