Iran: We will not accept the resumption of nuclear negotiations under threat

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Iran: We will not accept the resumption of nuclear negotiations under threat
Iran: We will not accept the resumption of nuclear negotiations under threat

The Iranian Foreign Ministry announced, on Monday, that Tehran will not accept the resumption of negotiations on the nuclear agreement under pressure and threat, and will not make concessions.

This came, according to what the official Iranian news agency, IRNA, quoted the Foreign Ministry spokesman, “Nasser Kanaani”, in a press conference today.

Kanaani added that the negotiations have their own logic and that Iran has committed itself to the comprehensive joint action plan (the nuclear agreement), but the United States of America withdrew from the agreement.

He continued, “Iran is still committed to the negotiation process and seeks to resolve it, but it will not negotiate on the basis of the need for negotiations, and that the West’s need for negotiation is no less than Iran’s need for it, and the agreement is available and the parties concerned can reach it in the shortest possible time.”

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The official said that the negotiations did not fall within the priorities of the United States, but rather focused on other issues, adding that there is a contradiction in the statements of the Western parties involved in the nuclear agreement, especially the US administration, which not only created an inappropriate path towards the comprehensive joint action plan, but also prevented Iran from benefiting from the benefits. Economic Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

He added that Washington also raised doubts about multilateral international solutions to settle complex issues, pointing out that the United States bears its responsibility for what we are currently witnessing because of its irresponsible behavior.

Kanani recommended “the European parties concerned with the nuclear agreement not to surrender before the United States and the conditions it imposes in order to prevent exposure to damage resulting from these conditions.”

Since April 2021, indirect talks have been taking place between Tehran and Washington in the Austrian capital, Vienna, to revive the nuclear agreement.

In May 2018, former US President Donald Trump announced the US withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement that was reached in 2015 between Iran on the one hand and the Group of 5 + 1 countries on the other.

The group of countries 5 + 1 includes the five permanent members of the Security Council, which are the United States, France, Britain, Russia, China, in addition to Germany.

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