Iranian hackers post a video of the attack in Jerusalem

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Iranian hackers released a video of an explosive device attack in West Jerusalem, on Wednesday, that killed an Israeli.

The Iranian hacker group known as “Musa’s Staff” published clips of the attack using an explosive device.

The group wrote on its Telegram account, “You will pay the price for any bloodshed. You will not enjoy any peace or prosperity in the occupied Palestinian territories.”

And she added, “We will determine your end (..) We have prepared the hard drive for the cameras for you,” without details.

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No Palestinian party has claimed responsibility for the attack.

It is not clear how the Iranian hacker group obtained the scenes.

On Thursday, the Israeli authority said that the Shin Bet security service is investigating the matter.

She noted that the hacking group’s words about “formatting the hard drive” may refer to preventing access to the footage.

She pointed out that the West Jerusalem Municipality indicated in its response that “the video that was distributed was not filmed with our cameras.”

The same group had previously claimed responsibility for activating alarms in Eilat and Jerusalem.

The Israeli Broadcasting Authority indicated last night that the security apparatus still does not know who carried out the attack and to which organization they belong.

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