Iran’s Uprising: Protests continue… and sit-ins inside universities

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The revolutionary uprising of the Iranian people continued today, Saturday, 12 November, with student rallies, sit-ins and protests in various cities. Calls to demonstrate in the streets were also posted on this day.

A number of students gathered in the universities of Tehran, Sharif, Alam Farhanak, Beheshti, Khwarizmi Karaj, Isfahan Arts, Hormozgan Medical Sciences, and others, to protest against the killing of protesters, especially in universities, and the arrest and suspension of students.

In the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Tehran, a number of students staged a sit-in to protest against the continued detention of Mahan Kajizan, Secretary of the Syndicate Council of this faculty.

Isfahan University of Arts students also issued a statement, confirming the continuation of their strike, saying: “Coffins are still filling the sidewalks, we will not enter the classrooms.”

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At Khwarizmi University, Karaj branch, a number of students gathered and chanted slogans such as: “Why did you sit, O people, you are our savior”, and “You killed the students and replaced them with mullahs?”

In addition, students of the Faculty of Administration and Economics at Sharif University continued their sit-in in the college lobby to release the arrested students.

At Alam and Farahnk University, as in the past weeks, a protest rally was organized against the severe repression of students and the people.

The students of this university chanted: “This is the last message… If you kill, the fire of the revolution will fan.”

The students of Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences went on strike and refused to enter classes and hospitals to support suspended students.

Students of Beheshti University in Tehran also organized a sit-in to protest the arrest and imprisonment of students.

It is noteworthy that the student protests and their continuation are part of the revolutionary uprising of Iranians against the regime of the Islamic Republic.

In the second month of this uprising, students’ gatherings and sit-ins continued in various universities, and they once again broke the restrictions of gender segregation in some faculties.

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