Islamophobia in Sweden.. Repeated attacks on the Stockholm mosque

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Islamophobia in Sweden.. Repeated attacks on the Stockholm mosque

A mosque in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, was subjected to an Islamophobic attack by hanging a perforated copy of the Holy Qur’an with chains near its entrance.

And the Stockholm Mosque published, on Friday, through its account on social media, a picture of the attack, which consisted of hanging a copy of the Qur’an with chains on the iron of the mosque’s courtyard.

The mosque administration pointed out that the Stockholm mosque and its visitors are constantly receiving threats from racists.

She indicated that they decided to publish the picture and information about the attack in order to draw the attention of public opinion and so that hate crimes would not become normal.

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And racists have previously painted swastikas several times on the door of the mosque and written Islamophobic phrases.

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