Italy: Summons the Iranian ambassador to protest the suppression of demonstrations

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Italy: Summons the Iranian ambassador to protest the suppression of demonstrations

On Wednesday, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Iran’s ambassador, Mohammad Reza Sabouri, to protest against his country’s suppression of demonstrations that have been going on for months.

Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said in a statement that the ministry had summoned the newly appointed Ambassador Sabouri, “as an expression of Italy’s indignation and concern” over the crackdown on protests in Tehran, the Associated Press reported.

“The violent repression of the demonstrators has nothing to do with protecting the country’s national security,” Tajani said.

He added, “Italy has asked Tehran to suspend the death penalty related to the protests, and to immediately stop the execution of prisoners detained in connection with the demonstrations.”

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Minister Tajani expressed hope that Iran would respond “positively to Italy’s request.”

He pointed out that the Iranian ambassador, who took office last Wednesday, agreed to transfer Italy’s claims to Tehran.

Since last September 16, protests have continued across Iran following the death of the young woman, Mahsa Amini (22 years), 3 days after she was arrested by the “morality police” concerned with monitoring women’s dress code.

The incident sparked widespread public anger in the political and media circles in Iran, amid conflicting accounts of the causes of death.

Iran carried out two executions in connection with nationwide protests, which were widely condemned by the international community and human rights experts.

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