Kanye West Says His Mother Was “Sacrificed” By Hollywood’s Elites And He Can’t Be Controlled Like JAY-Z And Beyoncé

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Since he appeared wearing a T-shirt with the words “White Lives Matter”, antagonizing the famous African-American movement “Black Lives Matter”, which he classified as a fraud, Kanye West has been generating controversy in the media. Things escalated fervently when Kanye exposed screenshots of an exchange with Diddy on Instagram, where he appeared saying he would use the Bad Boy Records tycoon as an example to “Jewish people” that he couldn’t be controlled.

Since then, Kanye has had his social media restricted by publications considered anti-Semitic, and he has also been the target of multimillion-dollar boycotts by several brands. Struggling now to prove his points, the Chicago artist gave a short interview to a paparazzi this weekend that has been generating backlash, mainly because he has taken a tough stance against some celebrities and the backstage of show business in Hollywood.

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