Kuleba meets with Ukrainian ambassadors after “threats” against diplomats

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Kuleba meets with Ukrainian ambassadors after "threats" against diplomats

On Saturday, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba held a conference with a number of his country’s ambassadors, after “threats” against some of its diplomatic missions.

Kuleba said, through his Instagram account, that he had held a conference with his country’s ambassadors, following threats received by Ukrainian diplomats in 12 countries.

Kuleba did not give details about whether the conference was virtual or physical, nor did he specify the number of ambassadors he met with.

Kuleba wrote on Instagram, “As of today, there are 18 threat cases in 12 countries, including an attempted terrorist attack in Spain, and packages containing threats in the form of torn animal eyes in Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, Italy, Austria, and the Czech Republic. The Vatican, France, as well as a suspicious letter in the United States.”

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According to Kuleba, “terrorists are trying to intimidate Ukrainian diplomats, weaken and intimidate Ukraine through such actions.”

On Friday, Ukraine asked foreign governments to tighten security around its diplomatic missions on its soil.

And on Wednesday, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry instructed to “tighten security measures” for all its embassies after the letter bomb at its mission headquarters in the Spanish capital, Madrid.

This came after a female employee at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid was slightly injured after a letter bomb exploded, according to the Spanish police.

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