Macron announces the European sanctions plan against Tehran… and stresses: The sons of Iran are making a revolution

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French President Emmanuel Macron announced the European Union’s plan to impose sanctions against the Revolutionary Guards and officials involved in the crackdown. “The sons of Iran are making a revolution,” he said.

He announced in an interview with French radio that the protests in Iran had weakened the possibility of reaching a nuclear agreement with Iran.

Earlier, Macron, at the Paris Peace Summit, referred to his meeting with Masih Alinejad and Iranian human rights activists, and described the Iranian people’s uprising as a “revolution,” saying: “I affirm my respect and admiration for the revolution they are leading.”

On the same day, the French Foreign Minister, Catherine Colonna, announced the arrest of other French citizens in Iran, and said that the number of French prisoners in Iranian prisons had reached 7 people.

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A day later, the spokesman for Iran’s foreign policy apparatus, Nasser Kanaani, condemned Macron’s meeting with Masih Alinejad and described Emmanuel Macron’s statements as “unfortunate and shameful.”

Today, Monday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman confirmed that “several European countries are already using the European Union title to take positions against Iran.”

The French president also announced, today, Monday, “We are looking for special sanctions against the Revolutionary Guards and officials of the regime of the Islamic Republic.”

Meanwhile, in response to a question about whether he supports designating the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization, he said: “While the situation is developing, we must study this issue.”

The French president announced that after the protests that the country witnessed in Iran, the possibility of reaching a nuclear agreement has become fragile and a new framework for this agreement is needed.

According to Macron, in the current situation, it is unlikely that new proposals will be made on this agreement.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz also announced, in a video message, the day before yesterday, Saturday, that the European Union has prepared several sanctions packages against Iran, and new sanctions will be approved next week.

The German government had announced, earlier, that the European Union would decide to include the name of the Revolutionary Guards in the new package of sanctions against the Islamic Republic’s regime.

Meanwhile, the German news agency reported that in the new sanctions package prepared for approval in the European Union, 31 Iranian officials and institutions will be subject to punitive measures.

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