Media: Israeli military vehicles in possession of Ukrainian forces in Kherson

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Israeli media published pictures of military vehicles in the possession of the Ukrainian forces of the “Amir” type, which is produced by the Israeli private company “GAIA”.

Media: Israeli military vehicles in possession of Ukrainian forces in Kherson (photos + video) storming an Israeli training camp and stealing a large number of ammunition
According to the Israeli “Makan” website, “Israeli-made armored military vehicles, used by Kyiv forces, were spotted in the Kherson province.”

And the “UAWeapons” account on Twitter, which specializes in tracking weapons used in Ukraine, published pictures of the “Amir” vehicles, noting that “this is the first time that Israeli-made vehicles have been monitored with Ukrainian forces.”

According to the account, in the Kherson province, a mechanism of the same type is involved in military movements, and there were no details on how these mechanisms arrived in Ukraine.
The Jerusalem Post quoted former Defense Minister Benny Gantz as saying that Tel Aviv does not have the production capabilities to supply Ukraine with air defense systems.

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Despite this, the Israeli media confirmed that “an Israeli security industries company sold anti-drone systems to the Ukrainian army, capable of intercepting and jamming combat drones.”

The media revealed that “these systems are being sold through Poland, in order to circumvent the ban imposed by Israel on the sale of advanced weapons to Ukraine.”

He stressed that “the company submits reports to the Israeli Ministry of Security regarding the sale of these systems to Poland, but the ministry pretends that it is not aware of the fact that Poland is an intermediary for the transfer of weapons to Ukraine.”

Source: agencies

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