Meet Juned Patel – Dynasty Politician From The Patel Family Of Ikhar

Hasan Almajidy
Hasan Almajidy
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True leadership is servanthood.” Juned Patel, an active member of Indian National Congress and State Coordinator of Gujarat Youth Congress Youth Policy and Research Department has always been passionate to serve his country.

The 27 years old young, energetic and visionary youth leader hailing from Ikhar – Gujarat was sure about his passion to serve the country and place himself as the leader for not only youth but the elderly as well. Inspired by Mr Rahul Gandhi.

      Juned Patel is from the Patel family of Ikhar, Gujarat, who connected to legendary Mohmed Ali Patel ( Jadapatel ) and the Kika Patel. His Father, Mohmed Vali Patel is Farmer and Mother Jubeda Patel is Housewife.His Brother Name is Zuber Patel.His Great Grandfather Mohmed Ali Patel ( Jadapatel) and Forefathers was Police Patel and Sarpanch Of Ikhar – Gujarat for More Than 300 Yrs.

     Juned Patel started his political career as an Indian National Congress member. Later he became a Co – Incharge of the Amod Loksarkar ( Gujarat Vidhansabha Congress ). After That, He Became 150 Assembly Coordinator SM then held the post of South Gujarat Incharge SM after that he becomes State Executive Committee Member of Gujarat ( SM ) and Now,Juned Patel is State Coordinator of Gujarat Youth Congress Research Department from the Indian Youth Congress Youth wing of Indian National Congress.

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      Juned Patel’s vision is to serve the people of the country and fight for their rights. He always supports poor people, students, and Needy people in all possible ways, whether it educational rights or any job issue. Patel always stayed connected with them for their problems. He is constantly inspired by Rahul Gandhi & tries his best to work hard for the Youth and People of our country. They are working hard with great determination for the people of the area.

       Juned Patel made every attempt to spread awareness and support. His selfless service and dedication towards society was seen during COVID 19 as well. From distributing food packets to masks and sanitizers, and helping migrant workers, Patel was always on his tiptoes. A leader, a social servant, a guide, and above all, a person who won thousands of hearts,we wish Juned Patel for his future prospects and hope to see him like his grandfather Vali SaduPatel and Great Grandfather Mohmed Ali Jadapatel.

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