Mesut Ozil praises the wonderful organization of the World Cup in Qatar

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Mesut Ozil praises the wonderful organization of the World Cup in Qatar

Former German national team player Mesut Ozil praised the wonderful organization of the World Cup activities in Qatar, and the Turkish-born player published a picture of him from inside one of the World Cup stadiums, Thursday, on Twitter.

“It’s great to be in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup,” Ozil said. “Thank you for the hospitality and the perfect organization. It’s always a pleasure to be here.”

He added, “I wish Qatar all success in the remainder of the tournament, God willing, we will see you soon again,” with two slogans representing the flags of Turkey and Qatar appended to his tweet.

Ozil announced his presence in Qatar to attend the World Cup matches, days after a number of fans raised pictures of him, while placing their hands on their mouths to remind Germany of the “racism” that Ozil was subjected to before announcing his retirement at the international level.

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Pictures of Ozil spread in the stands of Al-Bayt Stadium, last Sunday, before the start of the Spain-Germany match, in response to the German national team, whose players put their hands on their mouths in the group photo, before their first match in the World Cup, which they lost to Japan.

This method of protest came in response to the German national team’s players muzzling their mouths with their hands while taking the commemorative photo of the match they lost to Japan, on Wednesday, in protest against FIFA’s ban on national team leaders from wearing the “colored badge” in support of homosexuality.

It is noteworthy that the German national team left the 2022 World Cup yesterday, despite its victory over Costa Rica, due to the low points it scored at the end of the fifth group competitions, which were led by both the Japanese and Spanish national teams.

It is noteworthy that the star Mesut Ozil (34 years), a German of Turkish origin, played with the German national team and won the 2014 World Cup in Brazil with him. He also played for the Spanish Real Madrid team, and won several championships with him.

In 2018, Ozil announced his retirement from international football. Due to the lack of support from the German Football Association, and the “extreme right-wing propaganda” in the German media against him, as well as his treatment in a “racist manner”, after he appeared in a photo with President Erdogan, last May.

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