Moroccan fans in Brussels celebrate the victory of the “Atlas Lions”

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Moroccan fans in Brussels celebrated the qualification of their country’s soccer team to the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Qatar, after eliminating Spain on penalties.

Moroccans took to the streets after the match and drove their cars amid the sound of horns, celebrating qualification.

The Belgian police took extensive measures in the city in anticipation of a possible escalation of tension, especially after the riots that occurred after the Morocco-Belgium match on November 27.

The police closed the roads leading to the “Borse Square” in the city center, and changed the routes of buses and trains that pass through central roads.

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People formed a human chain between the revelers and the police on Lemonnier Street, which is one of the hot spots.

And she called on the police to move away from this area, while escalating tension was seen in some places, and revelers set off fireworks and threw stones at the police.

Violence and riots took place during Moroccan celebrations of their country’s victory over the Belgian national team with two clean goals in Group F matches.

About 500,000 people of Moroccan origin live in Belgium, which has an estimated population of 11.5 million.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Moroccan national team was able to qualify for the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Qatar, for the first time in its history, after defeating its Spanish counterpart by penalty kicks (3-0) in a match whose original and extra time ended in a draw without goals.

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