Morocco: A French tourist dies after being physically assaulted

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Morocco: A French tourist dies after being physically assaulted

Moroccan and international media announced, on Tuesday, the death of a French tourist and the injury of her husband near Rabat, after they were attacked by a person who “shows signs of mental disorder.”

This came according to media statements by local officials, reported by Moroccan and international media, confirming the death of the tourist while her husband is still in the hospital, while there was no immediate government announcement about the matter.

Local channels and Agence France-Presse quoted Leila Darfoufi, director of the regional center Moulay Youssef in Rabat, as saying that the deceased, an eighty-year-old French tourist, died of a head trauma, while her husband is in a stable condition in the hospital.

And the local authorities in the province of Kenitra reported, on Monday evening, that “elements of the royal gendarmerie in the Moulay Bousselham region were able to arrest a person showing signs of mental disorder, due to his physical assault on two French tourists.”

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A subsequent statement issued by the Moroccan Ministry of Interior stated that “the suspect surprised the foreign citizens, without reasonable cause, and subjected them to violence by using stones, which caused them injuries of varying severity.”

He pointed out that “the injured were transferred to the Moulay Youssef Hospital Center in Rabat in order to receive the necessary treatments, while the suspect was kept, as he is being subjected to judicial investigation under the supervision of the competent Public Prosecution, in order to uncover the motives for committing these criminal acts.”

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