Morocco.. calls for Europe to stop the “humiliating treatment” of visa applicants

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A Moroccan human rights coalition called on the European Union, on Saturday, to stop the “humiliating treatment” related to the refusal of all its member states to grant entry visas to Moroccans, considering that this “contradicts the claims of these countries to respect human rights.”

This came in a letter sent by the Moroccan Coalition of Human Rights Bodies (which includes 20 non-governmental human rights bodies) to the European Union’s ambassador to Rabat, Patricia Diary Cusack, a copy of which was seen by Anadolu Agency.

The coalition expressed its protest against the behavior of some European Union consulates in their dealings with visa applicants.

He pointed out that his message comes “in the face of the humiliating and degrading treatment of Moroccans applying for visas to enter the territory of the European Union, which has recently escalated and has become a systematic behavior.”

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The coalition stated that “refusal of visas has become the norm, which contradicts international covenants related to human rights.”

Last October, the Moroccan Association for Human Rights (non-governmental) organized a protest stand in front of the European Union mission in Rabat, due to the continued refusal of a large number of visas.

On August 25, Rabat announced that it had discussed the visa crisis with Paris, after France refused to grant it to many Moroccans.

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