Moscow says Washington supports separatist elements in Syria

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Moscow says Washington supports separatist elements in Syria

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday that the United States supports the “separatist sentiments” of some leaders of the “Syrian Kurds” and is openly pursuing a line to separate these lands from the rest of the country.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman referred to the “YPG” terrorist organization, the Syrian branch of the “PKK” organization, which is internationally classified on the terrorist list.

Zakharova described, during a press conference in Moscow, the “illegal” military presence of the United States in Syria as the “main obstacle” to reconciliation between the “self-appointed administration in the northeastern part” of Syria and its government.

And she continued, “We are making efforts to encourage dialogue between representatives of the self-proclaimed administration in northeastern Syria and the government of the Syrian Arab Republic to return the Euphrates to the sphere of the Syrian state.”

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And she went on to say, in response to a question by Anadolu Agency, “The main obstacle is still the illegal American military presence. The Americans support the separatist feelings of some Syrian Kurdish leaders and openly follow a line to separate these lands from Damascus.”

Zakharova noted that the occupied territories are “rich in oil and other natural resources.”

And she continued, “We have repeatedly talked about this matter and communicated with the Kurdish representatives, and we constantly affirm the idea that betting on an alliance with Washington instead of building a normal interaction with the central government of Syria reflects myopia and only produces counterproductive results.”

Speaking about the operation launched by Turkey against terrorism in Syria, Zakharova said that Moscow is working closely with Turkish and Syrian “partners” to prevent an escalation of the situation in northern Syria in light of “Ankara’s declared plans to launch a ground military operation in Syrian territory.”

And she added, “We believe that such a step will lead to a further deterioration of the already difficult situation in this region of Syria and will negatively affect the situation in the entire region.”

And the Russian official added that Moscow proceeds from the fact that the establishment of coordination between Ankara and Damascus “fulfills the tasks of ensuring reliable security in the border area.”

“In order to prevent a large-scale escalation, active contacts are taking place between departments, including within the framework of the Astana process,” she added.

About 10 days ago, Turkey launched the “claw-sword” air operation against the sites of “YPG/PKK” terrorists in northern Iraq and Syria.

On November 13, a terrorist bombing hit Istiklal Street in Istanbul, killing 6 civilians and wounding 81 others.

And the General Security Directorate in Istanbul announced that the bomber, Ahlam al-Bashir, had confessed during the investigation to belonging to the terrorist organization “BKK / YBG / BYD”.

The Security Directorate’s statement stated that Al-Bashir had received instructions to carry out the operation from the headquarters of the terrorist organization in the Syrian city of Ain Al-Arab.

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