Musk fired an employee who argued with him in a Twitter comment

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The new CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, fired a number of the site’s engineers after some of them published critical comments either on the social network or on the Slack internal messaging system.

Musk said in a tweet posted on his official account that Eric Fronhofer, the employee who argued with him publicly on the platform, had been fired.

The topic began on Sunday, when Musk apologized for Twitter’s slowness in many countries, stating that the poor performance was due to the app making more than 1,000 “badly aggregated” remote procedure calls to load the home timeline.

As a comment on Musk’s tweet, employee Fronhofer wrote that he had spent six years working on “Twitter” for Android, and confirms that what the new Twitter owner said is “not true.”

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Musk asked him in another tweet, “What did you do to fix this glitch or slowness?” Some criticized the employee’s reaction, who said: “What prevents the manager from discussing these matters through a meeting with employees or at least an email?”

The fired employee tweeted, “Just woke up to the news of more firings last night. At this rate, no one will be left to run Twitter.”
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It is noteworthy that the Twitter company began a campaign of large layoffs, as it informed each employee separately via e-mail whether he would stay or leave, and prevented employees from entering the offices and on the internal systems of the site overnight.

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