Netanyahu: Lapid is inciting army officers and mayors to revolt

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Netanyahu: Lapid is inciting army officers and mayors to revolt

On Friday, Israeli Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu accused his outgoing counterpart, Yair Lapid, of “inciting” army officers and mayors to revolt.

“I have been chosen to lead the State of Israel, and I intend to carry out this mission in the spirit of national and democratic principles,” Netanyahu said in a message to the people on Twitter.

He added, “I strongly condemn Lapid’s attempts to incite army officers and mayors to rebel against the elected government under our leadership.”

Netanyahu considered that “Lapid’s behavior is dangerous and harmful to democracy.”

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And he added, “We must leave the Israeli army out of any political discussion, and it is certainly not permissible for senior officers to rebel against the Israeli government, which won the people’s confidence. This is crossing a red line.”

Netanyahu continued, “When we were in the opposition, we never provoked the Israeli government, and that is why I call on the opposition to act responsibly. We have one country, one army and one people, we must not harm them.”

He said, “Whoever leads government policy is first and foremost the prime minister. I will lead the government of Israel in accordance with the national and democratic principles that have guided me throughout my life, and through which I will work to ensure and improve the lives of all Israeli citizens without exception.”

Thursday night, Lapid called on Israeli local authorities to use their power to combat the incoming right-wing government’s potential changes to the education system.

Before that, Lapid warned that granting the leader of the far-right “Jewish Power” Itamar Ben Gvir wide powers in the Ministry of National Security, which he will be assigned within the upcoming government formation, would affect the work of the Israeli army.

Lapid also warned against “interference of politicians in the army.”

During the past few days, many Israeli circles have expressed their fear that Netanyahu will grant wide powers to the hard-right parties to ensure their support for the government he forms.

Netanyahu’s deadline to form the government ends on December 11, but he can, according to the law, extend the deadline for an additional 14 days, subject to the approval of the president.

Netanyahu’s government needs the support of at least 61 members of parliament to gain confidence.

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