Neymar surprises Brazil fans with this decision

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The Brazilian star, Neymar da Silva, opened his heart to talk about his future decisions and his international career after his participation in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, and he did not rule out that the Arab version would be his last.

The Paris Saint-Germain top scorer, in statements to the Brazilian newspaper “Globo”, confided, on Friday, that the World Cup, which he will play in a few days in Qatar, is the last in his career, except in the event of an exception and his feeling of his ability to participate in the 2026 edition.

Neymar said in his statements: “Everything depends on my physical condition, I do not want to comment much about my participation in the next World Cup (2026), I want to focus on the current version, because I believe in our ability to shine and go far in the competition, although a lot of People don’t trust us, we will prove the opposite of their expectations.”

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