Officially.. the Israeli president assigns Netanyahu to form a government

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On Sunday, the leader of the Israeli Likud party, Benjamin Netanyahu, received a letter of assignment from the President of the Jewish state, Isaac Herzog, in order to move forward with forming a government, based on the results of the recent elections that strengthened the right’s favor.

And the Israeli president took the initiative to assign Netanyahu, based on the recommendations he received from Knesset members, while Israel has experienced a state of political volatility in recent years.

Herzog, in a televised ceremony, touched upon Netanyahu’s corruption trial and said it did not constitute a legal obstacle to his re-entry into office.

Netanyahu denies involvement in any wrongdoing, while pledging that the government he forms will be for all Israelis.

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And earlier this November, the Israel Elections Committee said that the final results of the elections showed Benjamin Netanyahu’s bloc winning 64 seats in the 120-seat Knesset.
According to observers, one of the main factors that suggested the victory of Netanyahu’s bloc in the Israeli elections was the unprecedented rise of the extreme right.

And, this November, Israelis voted for their fifth legislative elections in three and a half years in a politically divided country that seeks to form or maintain alliances.

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