Warning of a possible food crisis in Britain

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Warning of a possible food crisis in Britain

The head of Britain’s National Agricultural Confederation, Minette Butters, has warned that the country could face a food crisis if the government does not take action.

Speaking to the BBC, Butters called on the British government to support farmers in the face of rising energy, fertilizer and costs, “otherwise the country could face a potential food crisis.”

“While global volatility threatens the stability of global food production and food and energy security, the British food industry is also threatened,” Butters added.

“I fear that with the future of British fruit and vegetable supplies at risk, the country is sleepwalking into an even larger food supply crisis,” she added.

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Regarding the high costs, she indicated that the prices of fertilizers in the country have increased more than 3 times since 2019, and that the prices of fodder and diesel have also increased by more than 75 percent in the aforementioned period.

It is worth noting that food prices rose in Britain by 14.6 percent last November.

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