Pakistan: 6 civilians killed by “unjustified” Afghan fire on the border

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Pakistan: 6 civilians killed by "unjustified" Afghan fire on the border

On Sunday, the Pakistani army announced that 6 civilians were killed and 17 others were wounded by “unprovoked Afghan fire” on the border.

“The Afghan Border Guard forces launched artillery shelling and fired heavy fire, killing 6 civilians and wounding 17 others on the Pakistani side of the border,” the army said in a statement.

And “Afghan fire targeted residents of the city of Chaman in Balochistan province,” southwestern Pakistan, according to the same statement.

The statement added, “The Pakistani Border Guard forces responded appropriately and deliberately to the unjustified aggression, but they avoided targeting innocent civilians in the region.”

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Chaman is a sensitive city in Balochistan, as it shares a border with the volatile Afghan province of Kandahar.

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