Palestinian Health: A citizen was killed by Israeli army bullets in the West Bank

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Palestinian Health: A citizen was killed by Israeli army bullets in the West Bank

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced, on Friday, that a Palestinian was killed after being shot by the Israeli occupation forces in the northern West Bank.

The ministry stated, in a brief statement, a copy of which was received by Anadolu Agency, that “the Civil Affairs Authority (the official contact with Israel) informed it” of the death of a citizen after the occupation opened fire on him, in Hawara, south of Nablus.

The Israeli Broadcasting Authority said earlier on Friday that Israeli soldiers “shot the Palestinian in Hawara after stabbing two Israeli soldiers.”

It added that the two soldiers “were slightly wounded after being stabbed,” while it did not mention the fate of the Palestinian who was shot.

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However, a video clip of the incident, taken by a Palestinian and circulated on social networks, showed that an Israeli soldier was jostling with a Palestinian who was trying to evade him, and then the soldier fired from zero distance at the Palestinian who was lying on the ground.

For its part, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society said in a statement earlier today, a copy of which Anadolu Agency received, that the Israeli army “prevented its ambulance from reaching the injured person.”

She added, “A person was shot in (the town of) Huwara, and the Red Crescent ambulance was at the site, and the occupation army prevented it from approaching the injured person.”

Separate areas of the West Bank witness weekly activities rejecting settlement on the contact lines with the Israeli army, which disperses them and pursues demonstrators inside their villages and towns.

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