Paris attacker admitted he had ‘pathological xenophobia’

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Paris attacker admitted he had 'pathological xenophobia'

The Paris Prosecution Office said that the perpetrator of the attack that killed 3 people in the French capital, on Friday, confessed during his arrest that he had a “pathological hatred of foreigners.”

The perpetrator of the attack, a 69-year-old French citizen, admitted that he had a “pathological hatred of foreigners” when he was under arrest, according to a statement issued by the Paris prosecutor’s office, reported by the local press.

The attacker, whose arrest was canceled for “health” reasons, on Saturday, described himself as “depressed” and “suicidal,” and stated that he “always wanted to kill immigrants and foreigners” after his home was robbed in 2016.

The attacker said that he first went to Saint-Denis, a suburb of Paris where immigrants abound, to kill foreigners, and when he was unable to implement the attack plan there, he went to the tenth district in central Paris, to carry out the attack.

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On Friday, 3 people were killed and 3 others were injured as a result of a shooting incident in front of the “Ahmed Kaya” cultural center in the 10th district of central Paris.

And on Saturday, the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Paris announced that it had canceled the decision to arrest the perpetrator of the attack, based on a medical recommendation, and referred him to a psychiatrist.

A statement issued by the Public Prosecution stated that the doctor who examined the attacker concluded that his health condition did not correspond to the conditions of detention.

He indicated that the attacker was transferred to a psychiatric clinic within the Security Directorate, and that he would undergo interrogation if his health condition allowed.

French media reported that the executor is a retired citizen of the French Railways Company, and he has precedents in two murder attempts that took place in 2016 and 2021.

She explained that last year the port attacked a center for immigrants in Paris with a sword in his hand and injured two people, and was imprisoned for that.

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