Paris mosque sues French writer for “anti-Islam” remarks

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Paris mosque sues French writer for "anti-Islam" remarks

The Grand Mosque in Paris announced, on Thursday, that it had filed a legal complaint against French writer Michel Welbeck for his “anti-Islamic” statements.

The Paris Mosque said in a statement, “We have taken the decision to file a judicial complaint against Welbeck against the background of the “hatred of Muslims” statements he made last November in an interview with the French magazine Front Populaire.

The statement considered the interview between the French writer and the founder of the aforementioned magazine, Michel Onfray, “unacceptable,” and described it as “brutal.”

Welbeck said in a long conversation with Onfray: “When entire areas are under Islamic control, I think that acts of resistance will take place … There will be attacks and shootings in mosques and cafes, which are mostly visited by Muslims.”

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The statement noted that while criticism of religion is permissible in a democratic society, the comments in the magazine were “calling for the rejection and exclusion of the entire Islamic component.”

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