Peru’s president responds to protesters and proposes elections in 2024

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Peru's president responds to protesters and proposes elections in 2024

Peru’s new president, Dina Boulart, conceded Monday to the protesters’ demands, announcing in a televised address that she would send to Congress a proposal for early elections.

Her announcement came a day after thousands of demonstrators took to the streets on Sunday, demanding her resignation and setting a date for elections to choose a new president and Congress.

Dina Boulart said that she would propose setting April 2024 as the date for elections, which represents a retraction from her insistence on completing the term of her isolated predecessor, Pedro Castillo, which extended until 2026.

She added, “My duty as President of the Republic in the current difficult times is to interpret, read and collect the aspirations, interests and concerns of the vast majority, if not all, of Peruvians.”

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And she continued, “So, I decided to take the initiative to reach an agreement with Congress to move forward with the general elections.”

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