Postponing the election of an interim speaker for the Israeli Knesset until Tuesday

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Postponing the election of an interim speaker for the Israeli Knesset until Tuesday

The right-wing Likud party and the Israeli opposition agreed, on Monday, to postpone the election of a temporary speaker for the Knesset (parliament) until Tuesday.

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation (official) said that the elections were postponed after the opposition parties threatened to “obstruct this step.”

The election was scheduled to take place on Monday evening.

For its part, the Hebrew newspaper “Haaretz” said, on its website: “The (There is a Future) party led by Prime Minister Yair Lapid concluded an agreement with the Likud to postpone the vote, which was scheduled for Monday, to Tuesday, although the nascent coalition has already submitted 61 signatures.” required to submit the proposal.

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And she added, “After difficult deliberations, (Prime Minister-designate Benjamin) Netanyahu chose to nominate a Likud Knesset member, Yariv Levin, as interim speaker of the Knesset, to replace Mickey Levy of the (There is a Future) party.”

“It is still uncertain who will take up this position permanently,” she noted.

Regarding the names proposed for the position, the newspaper said: “Netanyahu was discussing among Knesset members David Amsalem, Amir Ohana, Ofir Akunis and Danny Danon, to take over the position.”

The Netanyahu camp won the elections that took place early last month, after obtaining 64 of the 120 Knesset seats.

Netanyahu is engaged in difficult negotiations with his camp to form a government.

On Sunday, the 28-day deadline given to Netanyahu to form a government expired, but President Isaac Herzog agreed to extend this deadline for an additional 10 days at Netanyahu’s request.

Under the law, the deadline can be extended for an additional 14 days. In the event of failure, the Israeli president assigns another deputy to form the government.

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