Putin accuses the West of causing an imbalance in the global food market

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Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Western countries of causing an imbalance in the global food market.

This came in a speech delivered by Putin during his meeting, Monday, with officials concerned with the Russian agricultural sector via video conference technology.

Putin made it clear that Russia will continue to help countries with food problems.

He continued, “We are helping and will continue to help countries that suffer from food shortages due to imbalances caused by the adventurous and unprofessional policies of some Western countries.”

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He added that his country can provide products that have an important place in the safety of food security.

And he added, “We can supply cereals, sugar, vegetable oils, fish products and many other products. In addition to providing the needs of the local market, we export meat to 110 countries around the world.”

Putin noted that agricultural production in Russia has become more important after the economic sanctions imposed on it.

Since February 24, Russia has launched a military operation in Ukraine, which resulted in angry international reactions and the imposition of “tough” economic and financial sanctions on Moscow.

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