Putin: drives across the Crimean bridge

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Putin drives across the Crimean bridge
Putin drives across the Crimean bridge

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin drove his car across the Crimean bridge, which was attacked by a truck bomb last October.

And the Associated Press reported that President Putin drove his car on Monday evening, across the “Kerch” bridge, which connects mainland Russia and the Crimea peninsula.

The agency stated that Putin spoke on the bridge to the workers and discussed the progress of the bridge repair process with a senior government official involved in the project.
And last October, the Russian authorities announced that 3 people were killed in a truck bombing that set fire to a train loaded with fuel over the Kerch Bridge.

Russia accused Ukrainian intelligence of planning and carrying out the attack, which it described as “terrorist”, while the Ukrainian authorities did not announce its direct connection to the bombing.

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The bridge, which consists of two parallel roads, one for cars and the other for a railway, is a major and strategic supply route for Russia that was built after the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

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