Putin ratifies a law banning propaganda of homosexuality

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Putin ratifies a law banning propaganda of homosexuality

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday approved a law banning propaganda that would lead to non-traditional sexual relations, pedophilia and sex change.

With Putin’s approval of the law, propaganda of homosexuality will be banned in the country, according to Anadolu Agency.

Spreading non-traditional sexual relations, child molestation, and sex change through the media, the Internet, advertisements, literary works, and cinema will be considered “illegal.”

The ban will also include calls to change sex among young people through the aforementioned means.

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The law also provides for the implementation of a mechanism that limits children’s access to hearing and viewing information related to homosexuals, as the possibility of monitoring will be provided to one of the institutions authorized by the government.

Fines for violators of real and legal persons, according to the law, will range from 50,000 Russian rubles (about 827 dollars) to 10 million Russian rubles (about 165,290 dollars).

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