Putin warns of putting a ceiling on the price of Russian oil

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Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Thursday against setting a cap on the price of Russian oil.

This came during a phone call with Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani, during which Putin discussed attempts by Western countries to determine the price of Russian oil and set a maximum limit for it, according to a statement issued by the Russian presidency, the “Kremlin”.

Putin said that capping Russian oil prices would have “serious consequences for global energy markets”.

In the context, the statement indicated that the two sides presented an optimistic assessment of joint work within the framework of the “OPEC +” alliance, which makes it possible to support the stability of the global oil market.

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Earlier in the day, the Kremlin announced that Russia “does not intend to supply oil and gas to countries that support imposing a ceiling on the price of Russian oil,” but a final decision in this regard has not been taken.

The Group of Seven is looking forward to setting a ceiling for the price of Russian oil transported by sea between 65 and 70 dollars per barrel, but the governments of the European Union countries have not yet agreed on the price, and it is scheduled to continue talks in this regard.

Yesterday, media reports revealed that the ambassadors of the European Union failed to agree on introducing a ceiling on the price of Russian oil, so the negotiations will continue.

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