Qatar World Cup: England crosses into the quarter-finals to meet France

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Qatar World Cup: England crosses into the quarter-finals to meet France

England crossed into the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, 3-0, against Senegal, on Sunday, at Al-Bayt Stadium, in the round of 16.

The England national team dominated the first quarter of the hour of the match with attempts that did not create any real threat to Edouard Mendy’s goal, before the “Teranga Lions” appeared with a very dangerous opportunity at the 22nd minute, which passed safely on Jordan Pickford.

The English’s movements in the front third began to crystallize into real chances. Jordan Anderson succeeded in opening the scoring, investing in a cross from Judd Bellingham, who followed it with his left into the Senegalese net in the 39th minute.

The goal had a significant negative impact, causing the Senegalese national team to lose focus. The shock of the second goal came in the third minute of stoppage time for the first half through striker Harry Kane, who broke free from Phil Foden’s pass and hit a ball out of Mendy’s reach.

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The impressive football performance of the England national team continued in the second half to yield a third goal in the 58th minute, which came as a result of another distinguished industry from Foden, which Bukayo Saka turned with the soles of his foot into the Senegalese goal with one smart touch.

Coach Gareth Southgate’s battalion remained in control of the proceedings to avoid any opportunity that would give hope to Senegal to return, so the match ended with a deserved English victory.

England will face France, the defending champion, in the quarter-finals, who overcame Poland, 3-1, in an expected summit match, Saturday, December 10.

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