Qatar World Cup.. England escapes from the American trap and settles for a draw

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The England national team tied with its American counterpart without goals, on Friday, in a match that brought the two sides together on the grounds of “Al-Bayt” stadium, as part of the second group competitions of the “Qatar 2022” World Cup.

The match witnessed a first half, during which the English failed to prove themselves amid an organized offensive and strong defensive presence on the part of the American team, which imposed an unexpected advantage and prevented its opponent from forming any danger except for one missed opportunity by Harry Kane.

The first threat to the American team came from Huggie Wright’s header, which passed by the post, before Weston McKinney missed an irreplaceable opportunity when he received a ball a few meters from the English goal, and he strangely shot it over the crossbar.

Luck stubbornly resisted the American team and prevented it from scoring the English net in the 33rd minute, when Christian Pulisic hit the crossbar with a powerful shot, then Serginho Dest tried, but his ball hit the defense before reaching the goal and went out to a corner kick that passed safely on goalkeeper Jordan Pickford.

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With the start of the second half, the performance of the “Three Lions” improved relatively, but the danger remained in favor of the American team, whose members took possession of the ball and continued the attack, amidst the strange inability of the English to impose their usual style of play on the opponent.

The result remained the same despite the high pace of play in the last minutes, so the match ended in a draw. The American team deserved better than it, out of sympathy for the level it presented throughout the official time and overtime.

With this result, England remained at the top of the standings with 4 points, followed by Iran second with three points, the United States third with two points, and finally Wales with one point.

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