Qatar World Cup.. Portugal qualifies for the round of 16 by defeating Uruguay

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The Portuguese national team qualified for the round of 16 in the Qatar 2022 World Cup after defeating its Uruguayan counterpart with two clean goals, Monday, in the second round of Group H competitions.

The club dominated the course of the match from its first minutes, with the two sides relying on direct play through penetration from the depths for Uruguay, while the Portuguese attacks were building from behind with the rise of the parties Cancelo and Mendes.

The first opportunity came with a powerful shot from Matias Oliveira on the horizontal crossbar of the Portuguese goal. Bruno Fernandez answered it with another, represented by the post, while the most dangerous was Rodrigo Bentacur’s breakthrough, who did a great job before hitting the body of goalkeeper Diego Costa.

The first minutes of the second half witnessed a clear advantage by the Portuguese national team, which advanced at the 54th minute, after a ball raised into Uruguay’s penalty area by Bruno Fernandez, seemed at first glance to have touched Cristiano Ronaldo’s head and then entered the net, before confirmation came from the “FIFA” website. The electronic score of the goal in the name of Fernandez.

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After that, the Uruguay national team tried to return the result through many chances, most notably the substitute Maxi Gomez’s shot, which was returned by the Portuguese left post, and Luis Suarez’s chance, which strangely passed by the right post.

And with the last minute of the match’s official time, Fernandez secured Portugal’s victory with a second goal, which he scored from a penalty kick that the referee calculated with the help of the “mouse” technique, which proved the presence of a hand touch on Sebastian Coates.

With this, the Portugal national team raised its score to 6 points from two consecutive victories, to remain at the top of the standings and ensure its official presence in the round of 16 as the third qualifiers after France and Brazil.

On the other hand, Uruguay’s balance stopped at one point, in fourth and final place, behind Ghana, the second, with 3 points, and South Korea, which also has a point, but is ahead by goal difference.

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