Report: Israel arrests 6,500 Palestinians in 2022

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Report: Israel arrests 6,500 Palestinians in 2022

The Palestinian Prisoners Club (non-governmental) said, on Saturday, that since the beginning of 2022, Israel has arrested about 6,500 Palestinians, including women and children.

This came in a statement by the club on the occasion of International Human Rights Day, of which Anadolu Agency received a copy.

According to the club, among the cases of arrest were “153 women and 811 children,” some of whom have been released.

During the same period, 2,134 administrative detention orders were issued against Palestinian detainees, according to the same source.

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Currently, 4,700 male and female prisoners are still languishing in 23 Israeli prisons and detention and investigation centers, including 34 female prisoners, 150 children and minors, and 835 administrative detainees, according to the statement.

Administrative detention is a detention order by an Israeli military order, claiming that there is a “secret file” for the detainee without an indictment, and it extends for 6 months, renewable several times.

As for the old prisoners, who have been detained since before the signing of the “Oslo” agreement between the Palestine Liberation Organization and Israel in 1993, according to which the Palestinian Authority was established, their number is 25.

The report stated, “The oldest of these prisoners, Karim Younes and Maher Younes, have been detained continuously since 1983, and their sentences will expire next month (January).”

He pointed out that “551 of the prisoners whose detention continues, have been sentenced to life imprisonment, while the number of martyrs of the captive movement has reached 232 martyrs since 1967.”

The Prisoner’s Club pointed out, “There are 600 sick prisoners, including 24 with cancer and tumors of varying degrees, while the bodies of 10 Palestinian prisoners who died in prisons are still being held.”

On December 10 of each year, the world celebrates “Human Rights Day”, the day the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

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