Report: Violence against immigrants on the rise at European borders

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Report: Violence against immigrants on the rise at European borders

The Left Group in the European Parliament and the Violence Monitoring Network at Borders revealed, on Thursday, that violence against migrants at the borders of European countries continues and escalates.

A report prepared by the group and the network on human rights violations at borders in Europe for the years 2021-2022 indicated that only 5 percent of people interviewed in the past year said that they were not subjected to excessive violence during their deportation from Europe.

The report added that many migrants were subjected to beatings before being returned illegally, whether at the external borders of the European Union or within the territory of member states.

He pointed out that the majority of migrants were subjected to various forms of torture such as sexual assault, severe beatings, and the use of electric weapons until they were thrown into the river by border officials.

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The report included cases in Greece, Bulgaria, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Albania.

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