Russia declares a new deal of prisoners ’exchange with Ukraine

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On Wednesday, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced a new deal of a war prisoner with Ukraine.

The ministry said, in a statement, that “35 Russian soldiers returned from Ukraine as a result of a new round of the exchange of prisoners between Moscow and Kiev.”

The statement pointed out that “the released soldiers will be transferred to Moscow on board military transport planes of the Russian forces with the aim of receiving treatment in the medical institutions of the Russian Ministry of Defense.”

The Russian ministry indicated that “all of them currently receive the necessary medical and psychological assistance.”

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No comment was immediately issued by the Ukrainian side regarding the prisoner exchange round.

On September 21, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the exchange of 200 prisoners of war, by Turkish, after diplomatic talks he had with his Russian counterparts, Vladimir Putin, and Ukrainian Folodimir Zellinski.

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