Russia warns of reducing the amount of gas sent to Moldova

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The Russian energy company, Gazprom, stated that some of the natural gas sent to Moldova is still in Ukraine, and that shipments through the latter country will be reduced as of November 28 if the situation continues.

And the Russian company said in a statement, on Tuesday, that it had proven that some of the natural gas that was sent to Moldova remained in Ukraine.

He pointed out that the amount of gas transported by the company to the Moldovan Soca station is higher than the amount of gas shipped from Ukraine to Moldova.

And she continued, “If the disruption continues in the transportation of gas sent to Moldova via Ukraine, Gazprom will start reducing supplies from Soca as of November 28.”

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The statement pointed out that Gazprom will ship today (Tuesday) 42.9 million cubic meters of natural gas from Soka station.

It is noteworthy that, on May 10, Ukraine stopped shipping gas from the Sohranovka distribution station, from which a third of Russian natural gas passes to Europe, while gas shipments continue from the Soka station only.

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