“Saving the killer from a blizzard”… Solving the mystery of a double murder after 4 decades

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Colorado State Police block the main highway leading to the entrance to the Coachlight motel and RV Park where five of the Texas Excapees were arrested in the early morning hours in Woodland Park, Colorado, January 22, 2001. Police intensified their hunt for the last two members of a gang of escaped Texas prison inmates accused of killing a police officer last month after four were arrested and one committed suicide in Colorado on Monday. Three of the fugitives were arrested outside a Woodland Park, Colorado, trailer camp; one was picked up at their mobile home; and a fifth shot himself to death during negotiations there with police. REUTERS/Gary C. GCC/ME

Four decades after the murder of two young women in Breckenridge, Colorado, investigators discovered that they had rescued the killer after his vehicle got stuck in a snowstorm after he committed the crime, according to a report published by CBS News.

In the details dating back to January 1982, the two young women, Bobby Joe Oberholzer (29 years old) and Annette Schnee (21 years old), disappeared from a famous resort in the city of Breckenridge, then the police found Bobby’s body shot dead, and six months later they found Annette’s dead body. Also, the investigators did not know at the time that the two young women were killed by the same person.

At that time, the identity of the killer confused the police, although he was within their reach on the night he committed the crime, and investigators did not discover this “bitter truth” until 40 years later, according to the report.

On the day the two women disappeared, the local authorities were conducting a rescue operation for Alan Lee Phillips, whose truck got stuck in a snowstorm. The authorities later discovered that he had committed his crime hours before he was rescued.

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On the night of his execution of the crime, Phillips’ truck got stuck in the road on a snowy cliff, where temperatures dropped by more than 6 degrees Celsius, and a plane was able to see him during the snowfall to inform the mayor’s office to send the local fire brigade to rescue him.

Dave Montoya, the local fire chief, revealed at the time that he remembered a prominent bruise on Phillips’ face, which he told them at the time that he had suffered while walking in the snow, so that investigators would discover 10 years later that this bruise was inflicted when Bobby hit him with a copper keyring made by her husband, Jeff Oberholzer, according to Network report.

Investigators believe that Phillips killed the two women after he attempted to assault them in two separate crimes he committed on the same day.

The crime was discovered decades later when, in 2020, an investigator sent a sample of the DNA they found on the socks of one of the two young women, only to discover in January 2021 that it belonged to “Alan Phillips”, who still owned a mechanic’s shop in Colorado.

The murder case of Bobby and Annette was considered an unsolved crime for decades, and among the crimes presented by the “Unsolved” website.

And the authorities revealed the details that the authorities discovered during Phillips’ trial that took place this year, as he was convicted of “first degree murder” and other charges, and was sentenced on November 7 to life imprisonment twice in a row without the possibility of parole, according to a report by the Associated Agency. Press.

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