Significantly high rates of domestic violence in Germany

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A government report revealed the high rates of domestic violence in Germany, as it showed that the number of victims of domestic violence increased by 3.4 percent in the past five years, and that the vast majority of victims are women.

This came in the 2021 Criminal Report on Domestic Violence, presented by Interior Minister Nancy Visser in cooperation with Family Minister Lisa Baus and Head of the Federal Criminal Police Office Holger Munch, in the German capital, Berlin, on Thursday.

According to the report, although the number of victims of domestic violence decreased in 2021 by 3 percent compared to 2020, in general it increased by 3.4 percent over the past five years.

The report indicated that the majority of domestic violence victims were women, while the perpetrators were mostly men.

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The report indicated that in 2021, 80.3 percent of the victims were female, while 78.8 percent of the perpetrators of violence were male.

For her part, Visser commented on the report, saying: “We must never accept violence against women, we must confront it firmly, and for us as an open and democratic country, equality between men and women is an indispensable part of the social foundation of our values.”

She added, “Men who commit violence against women, whether psychological or physical, are criminals, because what they do is abhorrent and fundamentally contrary to our basic societal values.”

In 2021, 369 people were recorded as victims of attempted murders, in which 121 people were actually killed, including 109 females and 12 men, according to the report.

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