Soldiers attack Palestinians and Israeli solidarity activists in the southern West Bank

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On Friday, Israeli soldiers assaulted Palestinians and Israeli left-wing activists in Hebron, in the southern West Bank.

A short video, circulated by media outlets, including the Israeli Broadcasting Authority, showed a soldier punching an Israeli left-wing activist, causing him to fall to the ground.

It is clear from the videotape that one of the attacking soldiers was wearing a small sticker on his military jacket with a skull and the phrase in English: “One shot. One death.”

The same soldier told the Palestinian nonviolence activist in Hebron, Issa Amr, “Ben Gvir will impose order here, and he will end all the things you do. I am the law here and I say you are acting against the law.”

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And the Israeli Broadcasting Authority revealed, on Friday, that an agreement had been concluded between the right-wing Likud, headed by Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu, and the far-right Jewish Power, headed by Itamar Ben Gvir, for the latter to assume the national security portfolio in the government that Netanyahu is forming.

The national security portfolio is the same as the current internal security portfolio, but with much broader powers extending from responsibility for the police in Israel to the Border Police in the West Bank.

Ben Gvir lives in the “Kiryat Arba” settlement built on Palestinian land in Hebron.

The broadcasting authority said, “The Israeli army decided to suspend the work of the soldier, who was documented in the video punching the Israeli left-wing activist, while the work of the second soldier who had a skull sticker on his jacket is being suspended.”

The Israeli army did not issue a statement on the incident until (13:44 GMT).

Last week, hundreds of settlers, Ansar Bin Gvir, attacked and assaulted Palestinians in Hebron.

Hebron is considered one of the tense areas in the West Bank due to the repeated attacks by Israeli settlers.

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