Southwest Airlines cancels thousands of flights

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Southwest Airlines cancels thousands of flights

Low-cost carrier Southwest Airlines canceled thousands of flights Thursday in the United States amid a federal investigation.

Following a massive winter storm, Southwest Airlines canceled more than 2,300 flights Thursday, according to flight-tracking website FlightAware.

As the deadly winter storm continued to grip large parts of the country, Southwest canceled more flights than any other carrier during the busy holiday season, creating a travel nightmare for millions of Americans.

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The US carrier is currently facing a federal investigation after its operating system, unlike most other major airlines, came under intense scrutiny after last week’s winter storm disrupted travel plans across the United States.

“The airline will bear responsibility for canceling a very large number of flights,” Transport Minister Pete Buttigieg said in a press statement on Tuesday.

He added that it was an “unacceptable situation” that required a closer look at Southwest’s scheduling system.

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