Sunak: Britain’s problems will not disappear in 2023

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Sunak: Britain's problems will not disappear in 2023

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said on Saturday that his country’s problems “will not go away” in 2023.

“The year 2022 was difficult, and our problems will not ‘fade away’ during the year 2023,” Sunak said, in his video message on the occasion of the new year.

He added that the British government had recently taken “difficult but fair” decisions to “control loans and debts”.

And the British Prime Minister continued, saying, after we recovered from the repercussions of the global and unprecedented Corona pandemic, Russia launched a barbaric and illegal invasion of Ukraine .. This had a profound economic impact around the world, and the United Kingdom was not immune from it .. Now, I know that many of you felt the impact It’s on his life.”

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He pointed out that the British government was able to help the most vulnerable groups in facing the high cost of energy bills, pledging that his government would put “priorities of citizens first.”

Sunak noted that he had “taken decisive action to reduce the backlog of work in the National Health Service and was tackling illegal immigration”.

He concluded: “2023 will give us an opportunity to showcase the best of Britain on the world stage, continue to stand with our Ukrainian friends against the brutality of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and stand up for freedom and democracy, wherever we find it threatened.”

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