Sweden: Turkey has the right to self-defense against terrorism

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Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Bilstrom said that Turkey has the right to defend itself against terrorism.

This came in a statement to the Swedish newspaper Expressen, on the sidelines of his participation in the international donations conference for Moldova in Paris.

Billstrom touched on the “claw-sword” air operation launched by Turkey against terrorist strongholds in northern Syria and Iraq.

He pointed out that Turkey is a country that is subject to terrorist attacks, and that countries that are exposed to such attacks have the right to defend themselves.

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3 civilians were killed and 6 others were wounded, as a result of shells fired by the terrorist organization “YPG” from northern Syria, on Monday, in the district of Qarkamish in the state of Gaziantep, according to the Turkish Minister of Interior, Suleiman Soylu.

On Sunday, a soldier and 7 policemen were injured as a result of rockets being fired at the Ongopinar border gate in Kilis by terrorist YBG elements.

At dawn on Sunday, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced that its forces had launched the “claw-sword” air operation against terrorist sites in northern Iraq and Syria.

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