The Chinese president is on a visit to Saudi Arabia on Thursday

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The Chinese president is on a visit to Saudi Arabia on Thursday

The American network “CNN” reported, on Monday, that Chinese President Xi Jinping will pay an official visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia next Thursday.

The network quoted informed sources (which it did not name) that the Chinese president intends to make a two-day visit to Saudi Arabia, starting from December 8.

The network stated that three sources, an Arab diplomat, a senior Arab official and a source familiar with the visit, said that Xi’s visit to Riyadh includes holding an Arab-Chinese summit and a Chinese-Gulf conference, with the participation of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

At least 14 Arab heads of state are expected to attend the Arab-Chinese summit, according to the Arab diplomat, who described the visit as a “milestone” for Arab-Chinese relations.

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As of 17:50 GMT, no confirmations have been issued from the Saudi or Chinese side regarding the visit.

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